Life as a 20-something

Reality is your own creation

I needed this. Reuniting with my best friend over drinks. Ever since we’ve become pseudo-adults it seems like it’s been impossible to find time to get together. But here we were, saddled up at the bar making toasts to the days long past and the lives we hope to lead in the future. We jumped from conversation to conversation about the paths some of our classmates took after high school—going to a local college, marrying their high school sweetheart, never stepping foot outside our small town in Indiana. We talked about wanting to see the world and wanting to live the type of life that demands explanation. We didn’t understand how people like our classmates could be so content in a life of comfort and idleness. If you repeat something over and over again, it loses its meaning. If you just wake up, wake up, wake up, wake up, one day you’ll forget why.

I don’t want to look back on my life and just say I drank a lot of good wine and made some great friends. Sure that sounds amazing, but is it really? There is a whole world out there; you could drown in wonder just experiencing a small slice of it. I don’t have a clear vision of my future, but I know that I want to go places and see things that continuously blow me away. I want to get my feet wet with new possibilities and let my mind grow. I want to do meaningful things—I want to be memorable—I want to make a difference. And I care enough about my dreams to choose not to unfairly compromise what is mine.

If you don’t acknowledge the significance of pursing a dream, you’ll never understand that reality can be found in the most unconventional and impossible ideas. Every choice you make and opportunity you forgo because you only understand reality through societies perspective is your decision to remain prisoner. It’s easy to forget that you’re free to do what you want with your life; your reality is your own creation.

One day, it’s going to be too late to start speaking a new language, or pick up and move to that city you’ve dreamed about but seems too far out of reach. So lay it all out on the line—go all in. Nothing great in life ever resulted from being passive. You either go out there and give it all you’ve got or you don’t. Either way, the choice is yours.


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